2016 Regional Meeting Minutes

SW-ASTE 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016  10:56 AM


Meeting Details

  • Date and Time: Oct 8th 8:15 am
  • Location: Tyler, TX
  • Agenda: President Election, Regional Rep Election, Treasurer Election


  • Present
    • SW-ASTE membership and board
  • Rhoda Goldberg, Karin Grisham, Judy York, Elissa Bryant, Gil Naizer, Jenesta Nettles, Julie Westerlund, Christine Chapman, Susanne Nesmith, Erin Dixon, Beau Hartweg, Maureen Lemke, Sokha Kheam, Yohanis de la Fuente, Toby Zhu, Wendy Frazier, Kathey Hoover, Evan Ditmore, Walter Smith, Li Wang, Rebecca Hite, Jorge Carmona Reyes, David Sparks, Todd Witl, Angela Ladine, Scott Slough, Michael Odell
  • Not Present
    • Past President: Matt Siemears
    • Regional rep Vanessa Dodo-Sereki


Status of Old Action Items

  • Checking Account established
  • Scholarships given to 5(?) doc students at 2016 ASTE


  • Suzanne Nesmith nominated President Elect, Baylor to host 2016 (self-nomination)
    • Gil Naizer second
    • Vote passes
  • Kelly Feille nominated Regional Rep by Gil Naizer
    • Jenesta Nettles second
    • Vote passes
  • Treasurer Report
    • $509 balance in checking account
    • Continue to use balance to support grad student travel to ASTE
  • If not in attendance, submit $15 dues
  • Jenesta to create link on site to be included with scholarship announcement
  • Michael Odell takes over as President, Kelly Feille to past president, Suzanne Nesmith president elect.

Next Meeting

  • Date and Time: Fall 2017
  • Location: Baylor