SW-ASTE Conference Proposal

For our 2022 conference, there are a variety of different ways to share your work. We encourage you to submit a proposal in any of the following formats: 

Oral Research Presentation – Priority to Graduate Students

Approximately 15-minute presentation of an ongoing or completed research project in science education. We strongly encourage graduate students to share their work, even if it is in its nascency, and priority will be given to graduate student proposals. This is a great way for graduate students to present and get feedback on works-in-progress and recent findings. Oral research presentations can be made in virtual or in-person formats. Supporting materials for this presentation may include: PowerPoint presentations, ancillary materials, and/or handouts. 

In your proposal, please provide an abstract (max 300 words) of the work that you plan to share.

Practical Bright Ideas Sharing

Approximately 5-minute snapshot of an innovative approach to science teacher education that you have done with pre-service or in-service teachers. Contributions from all members are welcome. Please share your innovative strategies with the group! Supporting materials for this presentation may include: a single PowerPoint slide, ancillary materials, and/or handouts. 

In your proposal, please give a brief description of the innovative practice (max 300 words).

Panel Discussion

An interactive moderated conversation with a moderator and multiple panelists on a timely topic/theme/issue in science teacher education (or science education more generally) that is likely to be of broad interest. We strongly encourage faculty members to propose sessions that will foster rich conversations and dialogue between panelists and conference attendees. 

In your proposal, please include: 

-The topic or focus of the discussion

-List of panelists and moderator (if you intend to have a moderator), as well as a brief statement of what each will bring to the discussion

-Several main questions that will guide the discussion

(Outdoor) Hands-on Workshop

Approximately 30-minute session in which you engage attendees in a more extensive exploration of a topic, issue, or instructional strategy related to science teacher education. Supporting materials for this presentation may include: physical ancillary materials and/or handouts. A projector will not be available for outdoor workshops. 

In your proposal, please provide an overview of the workshop and key details about its organization and how it will facilitate participant exploration. (500 words max)